Future Energy Systems

14 September 2021 

 * Subject to change

Day One: Tuesday 11 June 2019

08:00 Registration, Coffee and Networking
08:50 Welcome Address
Matthew Astill, CEO, Cavendish Group
Alexander Burnett, MSP for Aberdeenshire West, Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy


09:00 Opening Keynote: Digital – there is no alternative

  • An outline of the opportunity that digital presents for the energy sector
  • Thoughts on that might be developed
  • The role of Scottish Enterprise (and others) in making that happen

David Rennie, Head of Oil & Gas, Scottish Enterprise

09:15 Keynote - Contextualising digital technologies within the oil and gas business model

  • How new technologies are being knitted together and applied in oil and gas companies
  • Adopting digital technology through design thinking and an agile approach
  • Linking technology advances to talent and employee enablement
  • AI – think ‘augmented intelligence’ rather than ‘artificial intelligence’
  • What oil and gas can learn from other industries, and how far we still have to go

Janet White, UK&I Chemicals & Petroleum Industry Leader, IBM

09:30 Panel - Using your data, IoT and the cloud to drive your operations forwards

  • Gathering high quality data in real-time to enable early detection of incidents, deterioration or deviation from normal operating parameters
  • Migrating your data from legacy systems into new structures and reporting platforms
  • Asset-based predictive maintenance and protection - using sensors on operating equipment to monitor and control the condition of your facilities
  • Choosing the right cloud strategy to store your data, access scalable computer power, reduce your costs, and ensure locational flexibility
  • IoT use cases that are increasing uptime and operating yields

Dr. Jane Ren, Chief Executive Officer, Atomiton
Rodrigo Becerra Mizuno, Chief Information Officer (Business & Digital Transformation) & Corporate Vice President, Pemex
Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

10:15 Panel - Designing and building a digital asset

  • What it means to have a digital twin throughout the life of an asset
  • Project managing a digital twin - 3D modelling and cross-referencing of data, asset visualisation, etc.
  • Keys to unlocking the business value of digital twin technology

Prashant K. Soni, PhD., Digital Strategist – Operations, Aker BP
Kate Parker, Senior Project Engineering Consultant, Premier Oil
Darrell Knight, SVP-Global Accounts, FutureOn Corporation
Edmund Knutsen, Product Lifecycle Manager for Digitalization, Siemens Oil & Gas Offshore
Moderator: Bruno Vrielynck, Chief Technical Officer, WideTech

11:00 Case study - Rethinking communications in the Oil & Gas Industry

  • How can critical communications platforms be harnessed to drive efficiencies across your business
  • What innovative technologies are emerging to build an agile and efficient business model
  • Prepare against expanded cyber threats in this evolving world of hyper-connected sensors

Chris Ullah, BlackBerry Solutions Expert, Blackberry

11:10 Refreshments & facilitated networking - sponsored by RigNet
11:40 Keynote – How to digitally transform: Pemex case study

  • How Pemex started the Digital Transformation of the largest company in Latin America
  • From basics to using Artificial Intelligence to impact on the bottom line
  • The technology and the key milestones to get the organisation on board

Rodrigo Becerra Mizuno, Chief Information Officer (Business & Digital Transformation) & Corporate Vice President, Pemex

11:55 Panel - Utilising drones, VR, AR and wearables in O&G

  • De-manning your offshore facilities
    • Deploying robots in dangerous or tedious situations - lessons from applications of robotic technology in other industries
    • Utilising AR, VR, drones and 3D visualisation for assembly and inspections
  • Flying drones beyond the line of sight – overcoming the technical challenges and regulatory restrictions
  • Gathering data from mobile devices and wearables to ensure employees are fit for work

Angus Murray, Head of IT, TAQA Europe, TAQA Energy
Bradley Wright, Global Technology Services Manager, Asset Integrity, Oceaneering
Martin MacRae, Technical Director, Return To Scene
Harshit Sharma, Lead Analyst, Lux Research
Moderator: Chris Rivinus, Digital Transformation Programme Lead, Tullow Oil

14:00 Case Study: Oil & Gas in the global energy transition

  • What type of industry do we need to create?
  • Energy integration for energy transition – the industry of tomorrow
  • Technologies that will transform the oil and gas industry as we know it

Luca Corradi, Director, Innovation Network, The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC)

14:10 Panel - Generating real-time insights with AI, machine learning and dashboards

  • Using dashboards and machine learning to get real-time operational pictures and rolling forecasts of your remote facilities
  • Applying AI to the workstreams where you have the most data / your most costly and high-risk problems (seismic data, supply chain, etc.)
  • Using AI to bring latent, hidden and unstructured knowledge to your fingertips
  • Training your people to use AI effectively
  • Using ML for advanced process control, to squeeze value out of existing operations

Rodrigo Becerra Mizuno, Chief Information Officer (Business & Digital Transformation) & Corporate Vice President, Pemex
Lelio Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Intelie, a RigNet Company
Steve Higgon, Managing Director, TAAP
Dr. Caroline Brown, Microsoft Resources Industry Director, Microsoft
Moderator: Fionn Iversen, Chief Scientist, NORCE

14:55 Case study - RigNet
Lelio Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Intelie, a RigNet Company
15:05 Refreshments & Networking – sponsored by MODEC
15:30 Case study – Reducing OPEX and increasing performance through digitalisation

  • Deploying digital solutions to reduce your OPEX and increase your performance
  • Overcoming concerns over AI taking jobs
  • Motivating your company to change roles, processes and behaviours
  • Envisioning and implementing more effective and streamlined processes
  • Engaging in agile to look at currently available technologies, and the technology on the horizon

Chris Rivinus, Digital Transformation Programme Lead, Tullow Oil

15:45 Panel - Protecting your legacy systems against cyber threats

  • Reconciling the different cultures and objectives of OT and IT departments
  • Selecting the technologies that can create a secure data environment and enable you to react rapidly to cyber threats
  • Methods for detecting and locking down potential cyber threats before they escalate
  • Embracing military / defence approaches to security – controlling how your data flows between networks with data diodes and data proxies
  • Equipping your workforce to deal with cyber threats and data breaches

Michael Stranau, Executive Sales & Business Development Officer, ZyberSafe
Brendan Sullivan, CTO / CIO, RigNet
Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Technology, Darktrace
Moderator: Andrew Wadsworth, Managing Consultant, PA Consulting

16:30 Case Study: Digitalisation is a cultural shift as much as a technical one

  • How do you change the culture and restrain the first instinct to fixate on the technology first
  • Do you understand your data and do you understand its potential value
  • Can the business culture adjust to recognise true transformation rather than a technical

Hugh Ferguson, Strategy Development Director, i-Tech 7

16:40 Panel - Defining and implementing opportunities for new value creation in O&G
Hear different approaches to implementing opportunities for value creation and maximising value from your assets

  • Maximising value in a capital constrained world
  • Using digital technology to find new ways of creating value, e.g. through better design and to operate platforms
  • How super-majors can help smaller operators to start new projects
  • Understanding the lifecycle of your projects and the steps you can take to develop them
  • Automating your operations for more reliable and quicker project execution
  • Defining the right digital toolkit for your company’s objectives

Paul de Leeuw, Director, RGU Oil & Gas Institute
Lars Meloe, Regional Director, Kongsberg Digital
Mark Carrier, Market Development Director, Oil & Gas, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
Moderator: Elena Mariotti, Associate Partner, IBM

17:15 Case Study - MODEC Digital and analytics - our journey so far

  • A look at digitalisation and what it means to us
  • Progress made on recent projects
  • An insight into implementing digitalisation

Boyd Howell, Director of Sales & Marketing, MODEC

17:30 Future FPSO – sponsored by MODEC

  • Embracing digitalisation and technology for improved FPSO cost management
  • Advances in Safety Culture and the impact on FPSO design
  • FPSO digital transformation – What cultural and organisational changes are needed
  • The impact of IoT, digital twin and digital solutions in optimising construction and maintenance of FPSOs
  • The shift from vertical to virtual integration – analysis of the supply chain on FPSO projects

Boyd Howell, Director of Sales & Marketing, MODEC
Sandra Antonovic, Chief Operating Officer, Reflex Marine Ltd.
Frederic Dabe, Digital Transformation Director, SBM Offshore
Moderator: Neil Pickering, Director Asset Management, Bureau Veritas

18:00 Closing remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group
18:10 Whisky tasting sponsored by RigNet
18:20 Drinks reception sponsored by RigNet
Introduced by Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group
Keynote by Brendan Sullivan, CTO / CIO, RigNet
Buffet Dinner


Day Two: Wednesday 12 June 2019

08:30 Registration, Coffee and Networking


09:00 Keynote – Oil & Gas Industry 4.0 – the long game with quick wins for true digital transformation

  • Examining the evolution and maturity of emerging computing paradigms
  • How next generation communication technologies and dark to smart data transformation will define the next generation of the oil and gas industry
  • Leveraging emerging technologies, such as 3D printing, blockchain, quantum computing, and immersive reality to maximise oil recovery at the lowest cost possible

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

09:15 Panel – Optimising business for everyone through greater collaboration

  • How collaboration (both across industry and within organisations) can drive forward projects in an optimal way for everyone
  • Sharing your data between different sites and silos, to optimise your workflows
  • Ways to increase collaboration across the wider oil and gas supply chain
  • Partnering with start-ups, tech providers and universities to facilitate digital projects
  • Cross-industry communication, to understand the top risks of performing certain tasks
  • Innovating the procurement model – examining the role of performance-based partnerships in optimising the reliability and performance of equipment

Jaco Fok, Chief Innovation, OMV Petrom
Henrik Heggland, Managing Director – NSG Digital, Norsea Group
Kristian Brakvatne, Director Tieto Oil & Gas Operations Support Solutions, Tieto Oil & Gas
Steve Johnson, Vice President of Digital, Petrofac
Moderator: Ian Phillips, Chief Executive & Chairman - SPE Aberdeen Section, OGIC

10:00 Case study – Building a digitally dextrous company

  • Setting up a digital academy
  • Developing your people – getting habits, skillsets and motivations at the right level to harvest the benefits of digitisation
  • Setting up top-drive: Developing a Leadership owned and HR supported transformation
  • Overall change management approach and results so far

Jaco Fok, Chief Innovation, OMV Petrom

10:15 Refreshments & networking
10:45 Panel - Reaping the rewards from cross sector learning and insight

  • Adopting proven technologies to benefit oil and gas optimisation
  • The drive for autonomous operations: following in the footsteps of automotive, mining and shipping
  • Using digitisation to improve regulatory approval and safety: the lessons from pharma and process industries
  • How gamification can unlock the hidden value of data

Galia Gil, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM
Conaill Soraghan, Data and Digitalisation Team Leader, Operations & Maintenance Data Systems Team, ORE Catapult
Mark Beilby, Principal, Namier Capital
Moderator: Ed Evans, Committee Member, BCS Data Management Special Group

11:15 Panel - Creating a digital competence within your organisation

  • Getting mindsets and skillsets at the right level to harvest the benefits of digitisation
  • Establishing a digital academy / adopting agile to transform your business and accelerate innovation
  • Using design-based thinking to pinpoint which actions will drive the best business impact
  • Training your existing workforce in data science vs. augmenting their efforts with data science professionals
  • Using AR to upskill your workers at the point of need
  • Tackling the exodus of talent – using technology to capture knowledge of existing assets

Fredrik Tukk, Digital Transformation Architect, Maersk Drilling
Ulrich Lorang, VP Data Governance - Digital Transformation, Wintershall DEA 
James Woodall, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Intoware
Phil Schwartz, Oil & Gas Industry Development Director, ServiceMax
Moderator: Steve Johnson, Vice President Digital, Petrofac

12:00 Lightning talks
Driving measurable, valuable and achievable change for O&G operators
Attendees will have an opportunity to give a short talk about ideas and projects related to the key conference themes (pre-registration required).