Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

12-13 June 2018

 * Subject to change

Day One: Tuesday 12 June 2018

08:55 Chair’s opening remarks
Kieran Kavanagh, Innovation and Data Analytics Director, Wood
09:00 Keynote
What digital disruption means for the Oil and Gas industry’s future

  • Cognitive systems: how are they augmenting expert knowledge in the Oil and Gas industry? What is the future of AI in the industry?
  • Lessons learnt from implementing IBM Watson within Woodside Energy’s offshore operations
  • Blockchain: what is it and what are the use cases within Oil and Gas?

Luq Niazi, Global Managing Director, Chemical and Petroleum Industries, IBM

09:30 Operator Panel
Where are oil companies focusing their digital efforts?

  • Where are oil companies starting in their digitalisation efforts?
  • Which improvements do companies want to see from contractors and suppliers, to support this digital transformation?
  • What needs to be done to ensure we all are going in the same direction as an industry?

Speakers include:
Einar Landre, Lead IT Analyst, Statoil
David Edem, Director, Digital and Information Management, Chrysaor

10:15 Morning Refreshments

Industry experiences of digitalising operations

10:45 Case study
Implementing FPSO digital twins in the field: lessons learnt

  • The strategy behind using digital twins on FPSOs at Premier Oil
  • Case example 1: data analytics for a gas turbine (power generation or mechanical drive)
  • Case example 2: data analytics for the flexible risers that connect the FPSO to the subsea wells
  • What are our next steps in the digitalisation of FPSOs?

William David Hartell, Senior Development Manager, Premier Oil

11:15 Case study and discussion
Digitalisation supporting operations: a practical example from Wintershall in the Southern North Sea

  • The Wintershall approach for implementation of digital technologies in the offshore environment for production optimisation and operational excellence
  • Plug and play modular operational environment: creating a real-time monitoring suite
  • Field case implementation

Vitaly Elichev, Senior Production Technologist, Wintershall
Esteban Muñoz, Asset Manager, Wintershall

11:45 Panel discussion
Digitalisation of operations: managing the risks, leveraging the benefits

  • How can we transition to a digital way of working without interruption to operations?
  • Protecting internal knowledge throughout the process of automation and roboticization of work
  • Can we avoid being exclusively tied to a single vendor when we go digital?
  • Managing the cybersecurity issues without negating the desired performance improvements

Confirmed panellist:
Raahil Burhaani, CIO, Essar Oil
Kieran Kavanagh, Innovation and Data Analytics Director, Wood
Darrell Knight, EVP, Global Accounts, FutureOn
Malcolm Brown, Head of IT, Ithaca Energy

12:30 LUNCH

Organisational change enabling digital transformation across the value chain

13:30 Panel discussion
Transforming your company culture to support digitalisation and agile innovation

  • How should we work in the future? How can we change the entire company culture to be faster and more agile?
  • What can we learn from the start-up model? Should we be undoing silos and hierarchies to foster greater speed and collaboration?
  • Taking an agile approach to experiments with new technology to accelerate the pace of innovation and focus efforts where they are needed
  • Converting teams throughout the business to accept different ways of working with a digital presence

Panellists include:
Ed Evans, Committee Member, BCS Data Management Special Group
John Saiz, Principal Industrial Fellow, University of Cambridge IfM
Svein Bjørnstad, VP Information Management and Technology, Fred. Olsen & Co.

14:15 Panel discussion
Value chain integration and digitalisation: how can we achieve this as an industry?

  • Extending collaboration to the wider supply chain across the industry: how can we work together?
  • Putting the right incentives in the right place to get everyone to cooperate
  • Working remotely across geographically diverse teams: information sharing and remote monitoring
  • Data sharing across the value chain to improve overall cost efficiency: how can we make this happen?
  • Do we need standardisation of systems and data formats to enable supply chain optimisation? What efforts are being made on this front?

Confirmed speakers include:
Ronald Lansdell, Chief Operating Officer, Jersey Oil and Gas
Barry Authers, Commercial Director, Veracity, DNV GL
Elgonda la Grange, Director Digital Solutions, Dresser-Rand
Dr Fionn Iversen, Chief Scientist, IRIS


Cross-sector insights: how to make digitalisation happen

15:30 Cross-sector keynote
Lessons learnt from Veolia’s digital journey

Dr Alain Staron, Senior VP Digital Strategy, Offers and Partnerships, Veolia
16:00 Cross-sector panel
What can we learn from the digitalisation of other heavy industries?

  • What benefits have other industries realised from their digitalisation journeys? How has Industry 4.0 affected the bottom line?
  • Examples of automated processes and technologies that have been applied in other industries that could be transferred to Oil and Gas
  • Stumbling blocks from the implementation of robotic automation, AI and other digital technologies: how can we avoid the same problems?

Moderator: Ben Thuriaux, Partner, Arthur D Little
Speakers include:
David Sanders, Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Dr Paul Cantwell, Oil and Gas Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Advanced Forming Research Centre
Will Leonard, Digital Lead, ABB



Day Two: Wednesday 13 June 2018


Putting new digital technologies to work: drones, 3D printing, AI, AR and VR

09:00 Thought leader panel
Artificial intelligence for operational efficiency and safety: the way forward

  • Where is the greatest potential for future applications of this technology?
  • How can we address the regulatory concerns about the ‘black box’ of machine learning?
  • Creating organisational readiness, gaining trust in a machine-driven method of decision making
  • The role of a hybrid approach to introducing machine learning and AI into operational processes

Speakers include:
Dr Angus Murray, Head of IT, TAQA Europe
Kaveh Pourteymour, CIO and Vice President, Seadrill
Jeroen van der Hoek, Investment Manager, Statoil Technology Invest
Dr Caroline Chibelushi, Knowledge Transfer Manager - Artificial Intelligence, Innovate UK

09:45 Panel discussion
Novel applications for drones, 3D printing and AR/VR to reduce operational cost and risk

  • Experiences of using drones for inspections, assembly, monitoring and supply
  • Overcoming the challenges of using augmented reality to support operations and maintenance
  • Successes and potential future applications for virtual reality
  • Experiments with 3D printing within a tight regulatory framework

Panellists include:
Julien Da Vela, UAVs and Robotics Officer, Total
Mika Tienhaara, COO, Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult
Semeen Akhter, Group CIO, SBM Offshore


Future models for the Oil and Gas organisation

10:15 Dual perspective
Start-ups, hackathons and ripping up your NDAs: the new face of collaboration?

Hear two different approaches to collaboration from our speakers, followed by a joint Q&A panel.

  • How are we collaborating with start-ups, smaller tech providers and universities on digital projects?
  • Accelerating partnerships to achieve outcomes sooner: which tendering and contracting processes can be by-passed without exceeding acceptable business and legal risk?
  • Tapping into the potential: combining the external organisation’s knowledge of the technology with your knowledge of the industry
  • Partnering and building networks with universities: Hackathons, innovation programmes and research collaborations

Dr Juan Farré, CTO, FORCE Technology
Fredrik Tukk, Digital Transformation Architect, Maersk Drilling


Morning refreshments and…

Start-up tech den
Which emerging technologies will become the new standard in Oil and Gas? A selection of leading tech start-ups showcase their solutions in front of a panel of investors, tech experts and industry leaders.

Our judges:
Dr Caroline Chibelushi, Knowledge Transfer Manager - Artificial Intelligence, Innovate UK
Martin Copeland, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Oil and Gas, RBC Capital Markets
Robin Duggan, Managing Director, Riverstone Europe LLP

11:30 Lightning Talks
Can we achieve “better cheaper faster” through digital technology innovation?

Delegate audience members will have the opportunity to give a short talk (with no slides) on ideas related to our key questions:

  • Are cost-driven decisions driving quality down?
  • If you can improve two out of three, which two are the priorities: better, cheaper, or faster?
  • Is there a new solution that will allow us to have all three?

Andrew Reid, President, Westwood
Jonathan Carpenter, Group Head of Strategy, Petrofac